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Urban Planning Section

Urban and Rural Planning section is responsible for the following duties:

1. Examinations and analyses of urban plans formulated by Ministry of the Interior
Examining and analyzing urban plans formulated by Ministry of the Interior, we will review and revise urban plans, including “Planning for The Specific District Plan of Taoyuan International Airport Park and Nearby Area”,“The Specific District Plan of Linkou”,“Scenery-specific Area Plan of Northeast Coast” and“Scenery-specific Area Plan of Dapeng Bay”, based on the results of examination and analyses.

2. Analyses and reviews of urban planning management system
Through analyzing and reviewing urban management system, we manage to integrate the plan, development and management of the land; simplify the procedures of land development; and ensuring the reasonable development of urban and rural land, the proper utilization of national land, the national land security, and our international competitiveness.

3. Draft for urban and rural developing strategies and demonstration of landscape renovation
Though the economic productivity and the national income of Taiwan has surpassed the level of developing countries, the general living quality and urban landscape of Taiwan do not improve accordingly. Therefore, we manage to improve the environmental and landscaping problems through drafting, reviewing, proclaiming and implementing the landscaping plan. Joining with the professionals and the public, the government is able to create a better environment and landscape by promoting public approval of the protection of the environment and the landscape.
Besides, we work on the strategies related to urban and rural development to ensure the sustainable utilization of national land, to narrow the urban-rural gaps, to improve the living quality, to promote economic development and to increase the social welfare.

4. The coordination and counsel of the development of the urban planning land
Through counselling departments of local government on urban plans and ensuring the direction of national land development, we manage to increase the utilization and the plan of national resources generally and to establish the system for coordinating the local, urban and national land developing plan.

5. The other matters related to urban and rural plan
According to Urban Planning Law, we are also responsible for helping the other departments with urban plans. (For example, we helped Ministry of Transportation and Communication with “Planning for The Specific District Plan of Taoyuan International Airport Park and Nearby Area”.)