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Coastal Restoration Section

The study, formulation, supervision and coordination of nationwide wetland conservation and utilization policies.

Since 2009, through subsidizing each county and municipal governments, township offices, tertiary institutions, communities, and related organizations, the wetland conservation of our nation has won the participation and support of all sectors in the implementation of patrolling the important wetlands nationwide, environmental education, as well as landscape rehabilitation works. In 2010, referring to the relevant laws and regulations of the countries worldwide and in Taiwan, the study of drafting the Wetland Conservation Act started. And, in 2011, the National Important Wetlands Conservation Program was initially promoted as well as the holistic affairs, such as the wetland ecosystem rehabilitation advisory group, the nature and social research of the wetland conservation, databases and websites, the legal operation of wetland conservation, etc.

After communication, research, and discussions among all sectors and authority departments, the Wetland Conservation Act of our nation was signed into law and published by the president on July 3, 2013, and became officially effective on February 2, 2015. Taking wise use as the core spirit, which is different from the previous strict prohibition and restriction of use, the wetland management on the important wetlands has integrated the protective concepts of ecosystem, production and life. And, according to the value of eogical diversity, conservation of important species, the assessment classifies wetlands into different levels, including the international level, the national level, and the local level. Depending on the different characteristics of individual wetlands, as well as the respect for the existing rights and interests of the people, the management strategies are formulated accordingly to meet the local conditions: wetland operation management will be carried out as the dedication of assisting the development of local specialty industries and a wetland mark certificate will be implemented to expand social participation and promote wetland environmental education.