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The Development Vision of Branch

(1) Comprehensively promoting national land use planning of the new century, establishing a green silicon islanduse.
    In accordance with the commencement of “National Land Planning Act”, the branch promotes national land use planning of the new century based on the policy objective of building Taiwan into a “Green Silicon Island”. With the planning concepts of green production, quality of life, ecological sustainability, and systematic and multi-element spatial development structure, the branch has been making appropriate conservation, planning and utilization of national land resources and spatial developments, in order to maintain the balance of ecological environment, create a living environment with amenities, provide an efficiently productive environment, and implement the sustainable development of national land use.

(2) Designating important wetlands, constructing ecological networks of Taiwan's wetlands, and effectively managing the wetlands based on important wetland conservation and utilization plan.

    The branch designates important wetlands according to Wetland Conservation Act, constructs ecological networks of Taiwan's wetlands, maintains ecological stability and diversity of the wetlands, designates zoning for wetland land use in accordance with the important wetlands conservation and utilization plan, and makes use of wetland resources wisely, in order to fulfill the vision of sustainable development of national land resources, and restore cultural interaction and heritage between the wetlands and community, to ensure the foundation of future sustainable development.

(3) Refining urban planning concepts and technologies, facilitating rational developments of urban and rural areas.

    The branch handles drafting, amendments, and reviewing of comprehensive plan launched by Ministry of the Interior. Coordinating with major constructions assigned by Executive Yuan and Ministries, to plan and analyze exemplary urban plans. Consistent engaging in research and development of urban planning related concepts and techniques, to establish sustainable ecological urban planning, and promote rational developments of urban and rural areas.

(4) Promoting government-implemented urban renewal projects, revitalizing urban functions and improving public interests.

    The branch assists in revitalization and reuse of state-owned lands and urban functions, to meet the needs of social development, reconstructs space pattern through urban renewal, promotes substantial environmental developments through public-private partnerships, mitigates negative impacts of poor urban environments or redundant space, enhances the public interest, and also develops the potentials of regional development by coordinating with major future construction programs in surrounding areas.

(5) Promoting fully informationized services, establishing a complete database of plan information.

    In addition to promoting fully informationized services, the branch also continues to build informationized database of national land use planning, regional planning, coastal planning and urban planning, and strengthens information integration by using Geographic Information System to achieve efficient sharing, support and meta-analysis of planning information.