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Organization, Budget and Duties

(1) Organization, budget
      The Branch has 5 operation sections, including Regional Development, Coastal Restoration, Urban and Rural Development, Renewal and Development, and Information Management Section, as well as 4 planning teams, including Northern, Central, Southern, and Eastern Team, with a total staff number of 150, and annual budget of about  310 million.

(2) Duties and authorities
    a. Homeland, regional development strategy and study, analysis, coordination and drafting of relevant plans.
    b. Drafting, management and project execution of coastal, wetland restoration strategy and conservation plan.
    c. Development and landscape design of urban planning launched by Ministry of the Interior.
    d. Assessment, coordination and promotion of urban renewal and urban and rural development.
    e. Information integration of urban and rural development and digitalized map database management.
    f. Other affairs related to urban and rural development.