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Spatial Information Management Section

1. Missions of territorial planning section in National Geographic Information System:

Established by various government agencies based on respective responsibilities for the purpose of policy implementation, the National Geographic Information System (NGIS) consists of diverse geographic information including representations (points, lines and planes) and attributes (names of representations) thereof, such as cadastral maps, piping drawings, urban planning drawings, and wild fauna and flora scatter diagrams, allowing users to conduct research, management and decision analyses through cartographical locating, inquiries, overlaying.

To implement the National Geographic Information System in our country, the Ministry of the Interior has organized a National Geographic Information System Steering Committee since 1990 and categorized the System into nine groups of database with various task forces engaged in construction and application of the System. The Branch now acts as the Chair of the “National Spatial Planning Work Force,” with responsibilities as follows:

To implement Land Use Monitoring Plan
The establishment of satellite image spectrum training set database, land use change database, and multi-satellite image dynamic database.

To implement Basic Database Creation and Renewal Plan for Land Use Zoning
The establishment of basic maps of land use zoning in previous urban plans, regional plans, and non-urban development projects.

2. Information Management Operation
To conduct management, operation and maintenance of communication equipment, servers and virtual environment of the Branch’s network and ensure smooth functioning of administrative and operation systems and maintenance of software and hardware of personal computers. To introduce Government Configuration Baseline, Advanced Persistent Threats Defense and Security Operation Center and safeguard cyber security with information security check-up to be conducted biennially.